What We Do

Services_1 Live Streaming

Live Streaming

What it is, what it does?

Without a TV truck budget, an event’s audience used to be limited by the number of people who could be on site. With today’s affordable technology you can expand to a global audience. Computers, mobile phones and web enabled televisions offer opportunity to exponentially grow the number of people who can watch, enjoy and interact with your event in real time. We’ve refined our techniques over the years to ensure your audience gets the best possible audiovisual experience, regardless of their viewing platform.

Services_2 Live Video Production

Live Video Production

How does it work?

Whether you need a single camera for a conference or several for maximum coverage of a widespread venue, we have the means to properly tell the story. Our equipment is cutting edge current, and our experienced crew utilizes all the video and audio sources to produce in real time, a compelling and exciting story. Just explain your vision and let us do the work! Ultimately, our goal is to produce the most powerful content possible and offer the excitement of your live event to the world.

Services_3 Audio Mixing

Audio Mixing

Why is audio important?

Ears and eyes are one and the same. A video with poor audio quality turns away as many people as bad video. We capture and mix not only the commentators, but the sounds of the action and the cheers of the crowd as well. All of the audio is mixed by those with years of experience in action sports, motor sports and music events. Whether your production requires one mic or a dozen wireless, no job is too big or too small. Need some help with talent? We can even suggest various professional announcers that we’d love to work with at your event!

Services_4 Post Production

Post Production

Do you only stream video?

While we take great pride in our ability to broadcast the excitement of an event in real time, we can also record each camera angle and the entire show in ready-to-edit HD formats. Our post production team is used to mission critical deadlines while maintaining quality and thoroughness. We can also provide equipment for your feature, commercial or any type of video shoot and suggest crew members as well. We’ll help you deliver a polished product in full HD or compress and upload formats optimized for social media outlets.


Graphics Packages

What are they, what can we do?

One of the most valuable advantages of digital and web based media over traditional TV is the ability to have an interactive conversation with viewers. Utilizing these opportunities allows the viewer to not only become aware of your sponsors, but to click on those graphics and learn more. Whether you need simple or a full motion graphics video package our team of digitally savvy artists will work with you to find creative and attention grabbing ways of highlighting your sponsors with the ability to click and learn more. All while enjoying the show!

Services_6 Mixed Media

Mixed Media

What if I only need…?

Not sure if you need a full scale show but you do require professional help in other aspects of audiovisual production, we’d love to hear from you. We can help determine the most effective and cost efficient way to capture aspects of your event whether that be photography, videography, sound recording or some combo of them all. Our time invested in this industry has provided us with a family of talented people and we love to utilize every creative cell they have, so let us know about your project needs and see what we can do together!

Equipment List

Services_7 Video


  • HD Cameras
  • Wireless HD Video
  • POV Cameras
  • Apple Pro Res. HD Recording
  • Solid State HD Recording
  • Video Format Mini Converters
  • Professional Experienced Crew Available for International Travel!

Services_8 Audio


  • Multi channel mixers
  • Shotgun Microphones
  • Handheld Microphones
  • Announcer Headsets and Communication Boxes
  • Long Range 2 Way Radios
  • PL Production Communication System
  • Wireless Communication System
  • Professional Experienced Crew Available for International Travel!

Services_9 Hardware


  • HD Video Encoders
  • HD Video Switchers
  • Editing Computers
  • Please Contact Us For More Info
  • Professional Experienced Crew Available for International Travel!

Services_10 Streaming


  • Turnkey Multi-Camera HD LIVE Production System
  • HD Switchers
  • Instant Replay
  • Kulabyte HD Video Encoders
  • Website and Video Player Support
  • Live Production Stream Archiving
  • Professional Experienced Crew Available for International Travel!