Tampa Pro 2015 Winners

Tampa Pro

March 5-6, 2015

Tampa, FL

The Tampa Pro at the infamous Skatepark of Tampa. You know the winners on a first name basis. Luan, Nyjah, Torey, Dennis, P-Rod and dozens of other household names, you get what I mean. Aux has been right there to capture the madness since before Instagram was our main method of communication. More >

Pipeline Oahu

Freesurf at Pipeline for Red Bull: This is Live

February 14, 2015

North Shore, Oahu

This was a concept project that had never been done before. And there’s nothing we love more than letting loose the lines and heading into uncharted waters. The concept itself is pretty simple: what is it like to be a fan at Pipe while top surfers from Peru to the Pier free surf a perfect double overhead day? From the legendary Volcom house. The execution was far from simple. More >

London Lenovo

London Lenovo

December 12-16, 2015

London, UK

We traveled to the UK with our sights on Insomnia, a video game convention. Lenovo is a corporate electronics giant, and in what seems like an inevitable move, they’ve charged full steam into the video game industry. More >