About Us

Auxiliary Channel is a media production company passionate about creating an engaging experience for a global audience. We take advantage of the most current technology combined with a creative approach and years of live event production to offer our clients the one thing all events can’t get enough of. Visibility.

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The rapidly changing atmosphere of digital media and the evolution of the web as we know it has radically changed the way fans enjoy music, sports and live events. Online media consumption has exploded in the last few years and is rapidly gaining traction as the primary way of distributing content. Once thought of as a fad, the Internet has proven to be an unstoppable wave with no signs of slowing down.

Why tether your audience to their sofa when you can deliver your event to their laptop, mobile device AND television for less than the old-school broadcasting model?

Aux Channel was conceived, born and grew up alongside online, streaming content. Over the years, we’ve produced several hundred live days of content and reached millions of eyeballs in over 35 countries. In this time we’ve developed invaluable road-tested techniques and groomed a worldwide network of media professionals that allows us to offer our clients creative solutions to challenging demands. From a beach in the middle of nowhere to blustery mountain tops to packed music venues – we capture the excitement and deliver it to a truly unlimited number of fans on a global stage.


The results, expertise, knowledge and professionalism they bring to any event is well worth every penny. You couldn’t ask for better results from a Fortune 500 company. Here is one company that can truly say let the results and work speak for itself.

Alex Yang, Active Ride Shop

I would like to thank you and the team for helping make the past two events great success with the live production. It is so important from the resort standpoint to have a production company that understands the logistics of every aspect from creative marketing and getting the message across. I can count on your team to consistently deliver a professional product and I would recommend your services to anyone considering a live stream.

Rio Tanbara, Bear Mountain