Tampa Pro 2015 Winners

Tampa Pro

March 5-6, 2015

Tampa, FL

The Tampa Pro at the infamous Skatepark of Tampa. You know the winners on a first name basis. Luan, Nyjah, Torey, Dennis, P-Rod and dozens of other household names, you get what I mean. Aux has been right there to capture the madness since before Instagram was our main method of communication.

In that time, we’ve watched the technology change drastically and the complexity of the Tampa Pro broadcast has grown to adapt to those changes. Animated graphics, wireless cameras offering POV in HD as seen in NHL matches and the X Games, super-mo replays and live scoring. We’ve also been super stoked for the chance to work with Street League and the level of professionalism they bring to contest skating. Their inclusion has since made all the difference in many aspects including viewership where the numbers don’t lie. We’ve watched the viewership grow from 25,000 to nearly 400,000. With numbers like these, if we were an investment firm, we’d be kazillionaires.

So what went down this year? Lil’ Wayne took a SPoT detour from his actual tour, Spike Jonze displayed his life’s work, and Yelawolf kept the fans jumping well into the night. Oh yeah, and some insane skating took place on the concrete and main park course. It was a tight contest that culminated in a Finals battle that left more than a few judges without fingernails. How do you score and differentiate the spectacular from the ludicrous? Each consecutive rider kept raising the bar and left each remaining rider with the intense pressure of having to top what seemed to be an un-toppable run. Shane brought that Aussie indomitability though, nailed each and every trick with elan and edged out Carlos Ribeiro by a mere 3 points.

Corks popped, champagne showered the champs (and the Monster Girls), and everyone looked to Shane for a round of drinks seeing as how he was about $20,000 heavier. Thank you SPoT, thank you Street League, thank you Nike, Monster and Tampa Fans. And most of all thank you skateboarders for putting on a show we’re amped to get the opportunity to showcase LIVE.