Eric Koston

Battle At The Berrics 8

June 26th, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

BATB is one of the most infamous skateboarding events that has ever been streamed and we’re honored to be able to be a part of it for the second year in a row. The guys at The Berrics are bona fide creative geniuses and we feel pretty darn lucky to get to be a part of their world for a bit.

After BATB7′s drama leading up to the climactic finale between Cody Cepeda, a Joe, and Luan Oliveira, a Pro, we knew we had to keep the streak going and develop a storyline to highlight this exciting contest. We focused our efforts and lenses on what was really going on here: the ridiculous flat ground tricks and Eric Koston and Steve Berra’s chemistry. With those elements in place we added some dramatic Baroque lighting to highlight the action in the middle of the fans. Rembrandt could not have painted a better picture of the final four skateboard wizards: Sewa Kroetkov, Tom Asta, Shane O’Neill and Cody Cepeda.

Not going to lie, a lot of people on the crew were rooting for Cody, the Cinderella man of last year’s show. His talent, humility and calm in the face of the pro storm won us over. This year in the end, Sewa won the event with his indomitable Dutch stoicism. Wanna relive it or see it for yourself? Check it out right here.

Our producer, Ira Ingram, dotting his j’s and crossing his Q’s. 
Ira Ingram