Who We Are

Auxiliary Channel is a media production company passionate about creating an engaging experience for a global audience. We take advantage of the most current technology combined with a creative approach and years of live production to offer our clients the one thing all events can’t get enough of… Visibility. 

The rapidly changing atmosphere of digital media and the evolution of the web as we know it has radically changed the way fans enjoy their favorite content. Online media consumption has exploded in the last few years and is rapidly gaining traction as the primary way of distributing content. Still in it’s infancy, the Internet will continue to gain momentum as the primary focus for brands marketing campaigns and the leading way for consumers to discover their interests. 

Why tether your audience to their sofa when you can deliver your event to their laptop, mobile device AND television for less than the old-school broadcasting model?

What We Can Do

AUX Channel takes great pride in our years of experience capturing the excitement of events on every continent and delivering it to the fans who couldn’t be there.

Check out this short video of some of our post production work.

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Live Streaming

High Definition video with one camera or a dozen, we capture the excitement of your event and broadcast a dynamic show for your audience on the global scale.


Live Video Production

Our team of experienced directors switch LIVE between multiple camera angles, integrate graphics and mix audio to produce captivating shows in real time.


Audio Mixing

Quality audio is essential to producing good video. We put as much emphasis on capturing the sounds as we do the sights of your event.


Post Production

Multiple Locations? No problem, we can capture and edit any content for your feature or social media channels.



We work with your art direction, or give us the reigns completely. The right graphics package will enhance your video while engaging and informing your audience.


Mixed Media

We’ve developed a global network of talented and technical professionals. Let us know about your ideas, and we’ll work together toward the solution.